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Portable Air Compressor Price in India


Portable Air Compressor Price in India

Portable Air Compressor Price in India

Since India is home to several industries, including automotive, commercial, agricultural, and transportation, air compressors have been a part of these industries for a long time. In this article, we have mentioned the price list of different air compressors available in India.

Portable Air Compressor Price in India:

1. Portable Air Compressor or Tyre Inflator for Bike and Car

S. No.ModelPrice
 1. TUSA Digital Tyre Inflator for CarRs. 3,499
2. Qubo Smart Tyre Inflator PRO for Car and BikeRs. 5,490
 3. QUXIS Portable High-Pressure Foot Air Pump Heavy CompressorRs. 1,299
 4.Infrayd Tire Inflator Portable Air CompressorRs. 3,499
 5.DriveStylish Smart Tyre Inflator for Car and BikeRs. 4,990

2. Portable Compressor for painting

S. No.Model Price
 1.Hyco Oil Free Portable Silent Air CompressorRs. 20,000
 2.Elephant 2 HP Air CompressorRs. 25,000
 3.Anirdesh Airless Mini Air Painting CompressorRs. 3,999
 4.Aerograph 1/5 HP Air CompressorRs. 7, 999
 5.F2C TC -100 Mini air CompressorRs. 5,999

3. Portable Air Compressor for Industrial Use

Anest Iwata Reciprocating Air Compressor
S. No.ModelPrice
 1.Anest Iwata 5 HP Air Compressor  Rs. 85,000
 2.Auto One 5.5 HP Air CompressorRs. 75,000
 3.Anest Iwata Reciprocating 15 HP Air CompressorRs. 90,000

4. Mini Air Compressor with Tank

S. No.ModelPrice
 1.Aerograph 1/5 HP Air CompressorRs. 7,999
 2.Elephant Series AKARI Double Piston Mini Air CompressorRs. 18,500
 3.RTC Btali Air CompressorRs. 14,999
 4.ISC Mini Air CompressorRs. 19,999
 5.Generic 0.2 HP Air CompressorRs. 8,000

Note: The prices above are subjective and keep changing due to various discounts and offers. This means you may get these air compressors at a lesser price than mentioned; do not forget to check the links for accurate prices.


We suggest our readers carefully look for specifications and other necessary information before investing in an air compressor. We hope that this article was informational to industry enthusiasts.

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