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List of Quincy air compressor dealers


List of Quincy air compressor dealers

List of Quincy air compressor dealers

Welcome to our comprehensive guide featuring a list of renowned Quincy air compressor dealers. Whether you’re in need of commercial-grade air solutions, or robust, efficient residential air compressors, our meticulously curated roster offers trusted dealers known for quality Quincy products. Get ready to discover your best choice for dependable air compressors and stellar customer service.

Quincy air compressor dealers

1.Q Air California
2.Brehob Corporation
3.Rogers Machinery Company
4.Air Compressors Direct
5.Associated Compressor and Equipment
6.Piston Technology Center

Contact details of the above-mentioned dealers

1. Q Air California

Q Air California is an authorized dealer of Quincy air compressors and accessories, where they provide a huge range of air compressors, spare parts, and repair services. They also offer great serviceability 5-year warranty on the motor, color, and separator tank. Apart from Quincy, Q Air California is also an authorized distributor of other manufacturers, including Kobelco, Chicago, Pneumatic, and Zeks compresses air solutions.

  • Contact: 888.311.7247
  • Area of service: California

2. Brehob Corporation

Brehob Corporation is another Quincy dealer in the United States. Services offered by them include air compressor recommendations based on budget and liking, service and maintenance, timely repairs, and on-time troubleshooting tips in case of faulty parts. Apart from air compressors, Brehob Corporation also deals in spare parts.

  • Contact: (502) 499-8080, (317) 827-7808, (260) 490-5237, (614) 228-2647, (513) 755-1300
  • Area of service: Louisville, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati.

3. Rogers Machinery Company

Roger Machinery Company offers expertise and recommendations for a great range of Quincy air compressors, along with vacuum pumps, air piping, and air treatment. The company works towards helping its customers by providing the right type of solution for their needs and preferences through rentals, services, spare parts, and consultation.

  • Contact: 1 503 639 0808
  • Areas of service: Atlanta, Eugene, Eureka, Houston, Montana, Nampa, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Seattle, Spokane.

4. Air Compressors Direct

Air Compressors Direct is another dealer of Quincy air compressors. They deal with a wide range of air compressors of different capacities and powers and offer free shipping throughout the United States. Customers can choose from a collection of 2-stage, rotary, portable, single-stage, max, and other categories of Quincy air compressors.

  • Contact: 800-710-7499
  • Areas of service: Throughout the United States

5. Associated Compressor and Equipment

Associated Compressor and Equipment deals with only genuine Quincy air compressors, spare parts, and consumables. Customers get the benefit of industry-leading warranty programs along with 24-hour service. Apart from air compressors and spare parts, Associated Compressor and Equipment also retail compressor fluids that make the air compressors perform even better.

  • Contact: (209) 699-3184, (559) 485-3184, (833) 530-3184
  • Areas of service: Northern California, Central California, Southern California

7. Piston Technology Center

Piston Technology Center is one of the renowned dealers of Quincy air compressors in the United States and claims to provide a high level of services upon demand to the buyers. Their team of well-trained and knowledgeable staff makes the whole process of picking an air compressor quite easy through their assistance. They offer timely installations and on-time repair and maintenance.

  • Contact: 866-869-3114
  • Areas of service: Various areas throughout the United States


In conclusion, this definitive list of Quincy air compressor dealers aims to simplify your search for the most reliable, high-quality air compressor systems. We trust that with these reputable dealers, you will find the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs. Remember, investing in Quincy means choosing durability, performance, and excellent customer service.

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