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Best Air Compressor Oil Substitutes

best air compressor oil substitutes


Best Air Compressor Oil Substitutes

Best Air Compressor Oil Substitutes

Air compressor oils are crucial to air compressors’ proper functioning and longevity. Substitutes are available if you wish to switch from an air compressor oil. In this article, we discuss the substitutes that you need for your air compressor.

Let’s check them out.

Best Air Compressor Oil Substitutes

Here are some best substitutes for air compressors:

1. Motor Oil

Motor oils have detergents present in them, which can also quickly result in an excessive accumulation of carbon, which can be dangerous. If you are planning on choosing motor oil, then the oil should be non-detergent motor oil. Ensure that a similar viscosity grade is used as the recommended compressor oil.

2. Hydraulic Oil

Numerous characteristics of hydraulic oil make it an excellent substitute for air compressor oils. Given its low density, it can flow more readily in colder temperatures since it has a reduced viscosity. Because of this, hydraulic oil performs better at lower temperatures. Additionally, hydraulic fluids don’t oxidize, which might prevent rust on your compressor.

3. Automatic Transmission Fluid 

ATF is predominantly employed in automobile transmissions but can be used instead of air compressor oil. This fluid has several advantages, including no wear and tear, resistance to breakdowns, and cooling of components. When operating, compressors can generate a lot of heat. Therefore, ATF can make sure the compressor works well without ever shutting down from overheating. The majority of ATFs, however, do not function with compressors and could be harmful.

What are the different types of Air Compressor Oils?

There are mainly two types of air compressor oils:

1. Standard Oil

Standard: Standard air compressor oil has a mineral oil base. The oil is more affordable than the synthetic one. It is perfect for people who use their air compressors for medium work. If someone barely uses their air compressor, it is a good choice for them.

2. Synthetic Oil

Synthetic: A synthetic basis is used to create synthetic air compressor oil. Synthetic oil experiences intense processing, making it more refined than standard oil. Synthetic oil is best for heavy and industrial work where the compressor is frequently required. Air compressors function more smoothly and quietly using synthetic oil. Additionally, it will keep it from overheating. Synthetic oil can withstand a wider range of temperatures overall.

How do oils help the air compressor?

  • Oils used in air compressors keep the parts lubricated for a smooth and efficient operation.
  • Compressor oils contain additives that suspend contaminants, preventing them from settling on components and causing damage.
  • Certain type of oils provide protection against rust and corrosion, helping in extending the lifespan of the compressor and ensuring optimal performance.

Final Takeaway

So, hydraulic, motor or ATF oils are best substitutes to air compressor oils. Remember to check the compressor’s manual or get in touch with the manufacturer before using any substitute oil to ensure compatibility and understand any potential risks.


1. What are some of the best brands of air compressor oils?
  1. Ingersoll Rand All Season Synthetic Lubricant.
  2. Royal Purple Synthetic Compressor Oil.
  3. Campbell Hausfeld Compressor Oil.
  4. Powermate Px Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil.
  5. Castrol Synthetic Air Compressor Oils.
2. Can I use regular oil in my air compressor?

Another name for regular oil is standard oil which can be used for your air compressor. It is best for house functions or if a person uses their compressor less.

3. How much oil does a compressor need?

When adding oil to your compressor parts, make sure you add until the sight glass is halfway to two thirds full. Too little or too much than the required amount may cause issues.

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