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What type of oil do you require for your Air Compressor?


What type of oil do you require for your Air Compressor?

What type of oil do you require for your Air Compressor?

Like every other machinery, air compressors require proper lubrication from oils for smooth operation. Along with smooth operation, compressor oils also help maintain air compressors’ long life, performance, and overall health. The two widely used compressor oils include Mineral oil and Synthetic oil; these oils cater to different types of machinery. Let’s discuss these oils in detail.

What type of oil for Air Compressor?

1. Mineral Oil

Mineral oil, commonly known as traditional oil, is made using a mineral and is comparatively cheaper than Synthetic oil. This oil gets used up faster, as it is volatile and tends to evaporate more quickly. It has a higher oil carry-over, which allows it to get into the compressed air network even after having downstream components like an oil filter and oil separator. One significant thing to note is that the carbon chains are not 100% saturated with hydrogen, which results in oil reacting much faster and ending up with clumps. This process reduces the oil’s service life, resulting in lower efficiency. However, mineral oil is more affordable and easily accessible than Synthetic oil.

2. Synthetic Oil

On the contrary, Synthetic oil is made with a synthetic base; the quality is much better and has a significantly longer life. It might surprise you that Synthetic oil can run 50% longer than mineral oil. Since this oil comes with increased temperature resistance and has less sludge, it helps extend your air compressor’s life. As synthetic oil is sulfur and additive free, it prevents any build-up on the valves. Also, using this type of oil requires fewer oil changes, ultimately making the whole air compression process cost-effective.

Which type of oil suits the Air Compressor?

It is essential to choose the right type of oil for your air compressor so that it continues to maintain its best performance. Remember that compressor oil is not one-size fits, but different aspects need to be taken care of before you start using oil for your air compressor; if the oil fails to lubricate, it can result in faulty internal components.

Mineral oils work best for small-size air compressors and those used for petty tasks like cleaning, DIY projects, spraying, etc. On the other hand, since synthetic oils make less noise, maintain a cooler temperature and ensure smoother functioning, they are preferred for heavy-duty air compressors and industrial uses.


It is essential to remember the type of compressor oil and the quantity you use for your air compressor, and not doing so often shortens its lifespan and degrades its performance. And do not forget to check out our website for more informational content on air compressors.

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