Dewalt Air Compressor Review

Dewalt Air Compressor Review
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Dewalt air compressors are really powerful devices and they work really efficiently. If you are looking for air compressors for big enterprises or workspaces, Dewalt will definitely suit you.

Dewalt As A Brand DeWalt is a United States brand of utility instruments and hand tools for building, manufacturing, and woodworking firms globally. DeWalt is the commercial name of Stanley Black & Decker Inc. Black & Decker Inc. Raymond E. DeWalt, the man who invented the radial arm, founded the parent company in 1923. The

Dewalt As A Brand

  • DeWalt is a United States brand of utility instruments and hand tools for building, manufacturing, and woodworking firms globally. DeWalt is the commercial name of Stanley Black & Decker Inc. Black & Decker Inc.
  • Raymond E. DeWalt, the man who invented the radial arm, founded the parent company in 1923. The company grew rapidly and in 1947 was reconfigured and established as DeWalt Inc. American Machine & Foundry Co., Inc. after purchasing the company in 1949 sold this to Black & Decker in 1960.
  • Dewalt tools are made to do all kinds of jobs and pull off every single task whether it is at your own house or any construction site. 
  • The Dewalt is, in particular, a sound choice in comparison with other brand names. It feels lighter with its extra power than it is thanks to its smart design and the key advantages that these air compressors have over other air compressors.
  • DeWalt air compressors typically have much more CFM as compared to other brand’s air compressors in the marketplace.
  • If you are willing to spend in a long-lasting heavy-performance air compressor that reduces working time to minutes with only a few efforts, then Dewalt can be a legitimate choice that needs to be considered into account.

How Dewalt Air Compressors Perform

Unlike the other compressors mentioned in our review, Dewalt is the most powerful device that we have seen in this competition and it is made to deliver power and reduces your work time. These compressors are made with superior quality and there may be chances that this brand has more advantages than disadvantages. With such outstanding performance, Dewalt devices are used everywhere and they deliver what is expected from such a high-end device. But to understand it better let’s focus on some of the best pros and cons of this brand and you can decide for yourself if it is good or not.

Pros Of Using Dewalt Air Compressors

  • The best part of buying an Air Compressor from Dewalt is that there is a very slight chance of low-quality products. Dewalt always try to maintain a superior quality for their products.
  • Another thing that is more common is most of the Dewalt devices is that they are really quiet while working, even the big units have lower sound frequency than many similar variations of other brands.
  • These devices are really powerful and they deliver what they promise to the customer and this is why many people trust this brand.
  • Air compressors from Dewalt offer great effectiveness, durability, and ease of its usage to customers.
  • Comes in both portable and non- portable designs and you can choose according to your needs. 
  • Products are covered under warranty and it can be entirely replaced if you find any issue after purchasing.
  • Dewalt Air compressors can be used by home-based professionals, DIY professionals, and garage owners.

Cons Of Using Dewalt Air Compressors

  • When you are going to buy a Dewalt air compressor, get ready to spend some extra bucks on its purchase as the brand you are opting for has an expensive price tag on all its compressors and tools.
  • People have complained about the leakage from regular and this may be a manufacturing defect in some devices.
  • Some devices from Dewalt take quite a bit longer to fill up the tank and you may see a delay in your work. 
  • If you are looking for a replacement of parts after the warranty gets over then let me tell you that Dewalt parts are a bit costly compared to others.
  • Some devices are a bit noisy as compared to other units but you have a lot to choose and you can try another model with a lesser noise level.
  • People complained about some compressors about the oil leakage and motor failure after continuous usage of the compressor but that is not applicable on all devices.

Top Dewalt Air Compressors Review

DEWALT 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor

Ratings – 3.5/5


  • The product is fairly priced in comparison to the other brands offering the same air compressor, Dewalt is better than anyone of them.
  • This is a very light unit and it is portable so you can use it anywhere and move it around on your own comfort.
  • Besides having a compact design and a small storage of 1 gallon, this compressor is really powerful according to the specifications.
  • It is a good compressor if you want to use it in your household for small tasks but this is not for commercial use at all.
  • This compressor take s up a time to fill up the air tank and you will see a delay in your work.
  • It is not at all easy to repair the fuse of this device, it takes a lot of time to open up and then replace it with another fuse.

DEWALT Heavy-Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor

Ratings – 4.0/5


  • This 2.5-gallon air compressor from Dewalt is very quiet as compared to other brand products and it is worth and investment.
  • Made to take on the work of household and some mid-range work very efficiently and effectively.
  • The design is very interesting, it is vertical in shape but you can also lay it down if you don’t have vertical storage option at your home or workplace.
  • Have enough power for stapling and nailing work but it cannot be used on continuous tasks such as paint gun and sanding.
  • It has a very common issue among users of the leaking valve but that is not there in all the units, maybe there is some manufacturing defect in some units.
  • If you are buying it for the first time, let me tell you the hose is not included with the air compressor which might be frustrating for a new buyer.

DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, 165 PSI

Ratings – 4.0/5


  • This is an affordable air compressor from dealt with 6-gallon space and some good configuration inside which makes it worth buying.
  • The air compressor is portable and you will have no issue while moving it around your home, garage or small workshops.
  • This air compressor is an excellent choice if you really need a compact compressor for work like a nail gun, tire inflation, paint spray or blowing tool dust.
  • You cannot simply use it for heavy-duty jobs but you can use it in mid-range workshops or worksite.
  • The air compressor is oil-free and requires low maintenance from the user. 
  • This compressor does not come up with air hose which is another drawback of this product.
  • This air compressor has reported problems of air leakage from the air hose.
  • Users have reported that it makes a lot more noise than the printed decibel rating of this product.

DEWALT Two-Stage Cast Iron Industrial Air Compressor, 80-Gallon

Ratings – 3.3/5


  • This air compressor form Dewalt is not meant for the daily home usage, it can be used for big commercial places and workshops.
  • This air compressor can do a variety of work including Air Brushing, Blow Cleaning, Bolting, Stapling, Cutting, Drilling, Finish Nailing, Framing Nailing, Inflation, Roof Nailing, Sanding, Spraying, Etc.
  • This two-stage compressor is capable of running multiple tools at the same time and has more power than a home- use air compressor.
  • The price tag for this air compressor is on a high note as compared to other brands of the same configuration.
  • The air compressor is noisy and has a sound decibel rating above 95 when you actually deploy it to the worksite.
  • Air compressor has a very common issue of oil leakage from the side and it the most reported issue for this product. 
  • Apart from all these, this device is quite heavy and moving around with this air compressor is hard.

DEWALT 30-Gallon Oil Free Direct Drive Air Compressor

Ratings – 3.0/5


  • The best part of this air compressor is the price tag, the asking price is really low as compared to many big brands and many of Dewalt’s own 30-gallon devices.
  • This compressor can be used in small, mid and somewhere in big enterprises but continuous usage cannot be guaranteed.
  • Users have reported negative about the built quality but it is better than many other brands but if you are talking bout Dewalt then it is on the low side.
  • Customers complained that the motor seized after some time of continuous usage and they also encountered some oil leakage issues on devices.
  • Air compressor has a decibel rating which is quite high so if you are using it in your household, get ready to hear from your neighbors.
  • The air compressor is low maintenance and it offers the user to port it from one place to another.
  • This can be used in various work including stapling, nailing, sanding, grinding, bolting, airbrushing, etc.

DEWALT 60 gallon 5 hp Two-Stage Air Compressor

Ratings – 4.5/5


  • The price of this air compressor is very fairly priced as per the specifications and the power output this device has, it is a very balanced price.
  • This unit is very powerful and it will definitely suit you if you are looking for an air compressor to suit your industrial work.
  • The two-stage motor makes it very efficient and it can do all your work like stapling, airbrushing, drilling, inflation, roof nailing, sanding, spraying, and other continuous tasks.
  • The noise level is between moderate to high but this is fine for a compressor with 5 hp motor and 175 PSI power.
  • You may need a separate circuit to run this air compressor as it can easily blow up your normal low powered circuit.
  • Normally with such big devices you may encounter some small issues like oil leakage or air leakage but that is not there in all devices.


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