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How To Repair An Air Compressor Pressure Switch?

Pressure Switch


How To Repair An Air Compressor Pressure Switch?

How To Repair An Air Compressor Pressure Switch?

Sometimes we can get stuck while resolving the pressure switch of an air compressor. This switch is a crucial part of an air compressor as it keeps a tab on the pressure levels of the compressor. This article will explain how to repair the air compressor’s pressure switch.

Let us see how to repair it.

Repairing An Air Compressor Pressure Switch

Follow these simple steps to resolve the issue:

Step 1. Safety And Precaution

Safety is always better than any mishap. So, before you begin, ensure that you have the right equipment that is not broken or damaged and have safety gear on, like protective goggles, insulating gloves, etc. Now, gather the tools you will need, such as – a multimeter, pliers, screwdrivers, electrical tape, and wire strippers.

Disconnect the main source of power supply and release the air pressure from your air compressor.

Step 2. Find The Root Of The Problem

Check for any faults and malfunctions that may be raising issues. The most common are faulty contacts, melted connections, damaged wiring, or a diaphragm. Check for any plastic pieces falling off from the switch. You must thoroughly inspect the switch and its components to determine the root cause.

Step 3. Remove The Pressure Switch And Disassemble It

To remove the parts of the pressure switch, remove the cover first, which is usually held intact by screws. Carefully detach any electrical connections, noting their positions for reassembly later. Carefully do so and ensure you do not get hurt.

Step 4. Check For Corrosions And Diaphragm

Clean that area that has been affected by using an electrical contact cleaner if you notice any corrosion-related or other damage issues. Ensure the contacts are smooth and debris-free to promote proper electrical conductivity.

Examine the diaphragm for tears or holes, as these can affect the switch’s functionality. If you find any, carefully replace it with a compatible replacement part. Ensure proper alignment during reinstallation. Also, check the motor, just in case.

Step 5. Test Using A Multimeter

With a multimeter’s help, check the pressure switch’s continuity. This will help identify any open or closed circuits causing the malfunction. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the multimeter and compare the readings to the specified values.

If you are replacing it with a new one, inspect the damaged one with the new one and note the differences.

Step 6. Inspect The Wiring

If you find the wires to be frayed or broken, repair or replace them as necessary. Use wire strippers to remove the damaged section and connect the new wire securely with the correct connectors.

Step 7. Rearrange Back And Test Your Switch

Put the arrangement back to how it was and ensure all electrical connections are properly secured. Once everything is in place, reconnect the power supply and test the compressor’s operation.


Repairing an air compressor pressure switch can save time and money compared to replacing the entire unit. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you can identify and fix the issues you are facing.

Ensure proper safety before you begin, as it is a risky task to fix it. If you are doubtful, call professionals to fix the problem.


1. Should I repair a pressure switch or seek professional assistance?

If you are unsure about working with electrical components, it is always advisable to seek professional assistance. Safety should be a priority; a professional can ensure the repair is done correctly.

2. What are the signs of a pressure switch malfunctioning?

Here are the signs of a malfunctioning pressure switch:

  • The compressor is not turning on or off at the desired pressure
  • Inconsistent pressure readings
  • The compressor failed to build pressure at all

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