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Price list of 2 hp compressors


Price list of 2 hp compressors

Price list of 2 hp compressors

Do you know that a good air compressor’s average horsepower rating can fall between 1.5 and 6.5 HP? And among these ratings, 2 HP air compressors are widely used for carpentry, smaller industries, beauty salons, and even at homes for minor tasks. Look at the price list of 2 HP compressors available in India.

2 HP compressor price list

1. ElephantElephant 2 HP Oil Free & Noiseless Double Head Air Compressor 50 liter

Elephant 30-liter 2 HP Air Compressor    
Rs. 30,000

Rs. 25,000
2. TaruuTaruu 10 Liter 2 HP Corded Electric Air Compressor  

Taruu 50 Liter 2 HP Oil filled corded Electric Air Compressor
Rs. 12,950 

Rs. 23,500
3. HulkHulk Air Compressor 25 Liter 2 HP 100 % Copper Winding  

Hulk Air Compressor 50 Liter 2 HP 100 % Copper Winding
Rs. 27,000  

Rs. 34,000
4. ElgiElgi Air Compressor 160 Liter 2 HP  

Elgi Air Compressor 50 Liter 2 HP
Rs. 45,000

Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 25,500

Best 2 HP Air Compressor

1. Taruu 10 Liter 2 HP Corded Electric Air Compressor

Taruu’s 2 HP portable yet powerful air compressor has a 70 dB noise level, making the job more accessible in the low-noise work environment. The durable motor of 220 volts works relatively smoothly, including inflation, airbrushing, and nailing. This air compressor stands out because of its oil-lubricated pump with a maximum air pressure of 120 LPM/ 4.2 CFM @ 90PSI.

Price: 12,950

Rating: 4/5

Weight: 20 kg.

Dimensions: 54*24*48.5 cm.

2. Hulk Air Compressor 25 Liter 2 HP 100 % Copper Winding

This Hulk Air Compressor is made from 100% copper winding that ensures maximum efficiency and longer life, along with a low maintenance design that makes the operation quick and easy. Also, it comes with a 25-liter wide tank, and the 2 HP equipped offers enough power for all your compressed air requirements. Hulk Air Compressor is quite powerful, making it a perfect tool for spraying, airbrushing, inflating, and much more.

Rating: 3.9/5

Weight: 26 kg.

Dimensions: 64 x 29 x 58 Centimeters

3. Elephant 30-liter 2 HP Air Compressor

Elephant’s 30-liter 2 HP Air Compressor comes with a 220-volt oiled pump, making this tool low-maintenance and reliable for extended periods. The air compressor is enabled with well-placed gauges that make air pressure easy to check. Talking about its design, the compact and portable body is perfect for jobs like upholstery, powering air brushes, nailing, etc.

Rating: 3.7/5

Weight: 27 kg.

Dimensions: ‎43.98 x 39.45 x 24.88 cm

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The above-mentioned 2 hp air compressors are among the best-rated ones and are worth your investment. Want more such recommendations? Make sure to check out our website for great content regarding air compressors.

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